Adult chat for mobi No sign quick sex

16-Dec-2017 06:53

It was such a turn-on but I was also worrying a bit but I let her continue. Did you enjoy she said and I said yes it was lovely.

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All we do is chat, drink tea and she sucks on my breasts. It has got to a point now where I wake up in the night and first thing in the morning and I want her mouth on me. Actually it feels just fine the way it is without milk but if she keeps this up roughly 5 days a week, could milk happen?

My breasts are feeling a bit itchy and tender in a nice way. My breasts have become slightly tender and I now have to massage them for about 10 minutes at work and about 15 minutes every morning as they just have this achy, itchy feeling that is only relieved when I grab them and roll them in my hands and massage my nipples.

She comes to me in the night to suck sometimes and I wake up to feel her greedily sucking away which I do not mind.

We both normally drift in and out of sleep while she does this and then when she returns to her bed we are both so relaxed we both fall into a deep sleep!

Then more tea and talk and then another hour of sucking.

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