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The first big challenge for the group will be defeating “The Master”, a poweful vampire leader who’s planning to open a dimensional portal that would turn the city into a vampire fest.

As seasons pass, the plot gets more complex and the cast expands, becoming one of the show’s main strengths.

The initial plot is fairly simple - Buffy Sanders is a pretty yet average teenage girl who one day learns about an inherited and heavy responsibility - fighting against the vampires that walk the Earth, unbeknownst to almost everyone.

Luckily, she’ll have the help of a mentor or “Watcher”, some schoolmates willing to join the fight and, most importantly, the special powers that go along her slayer heritage.

Her mentor, Rupert Giles, serves as a guide to her dangerous job.

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Buffy the vampire slayer was a small 1992 horror-comedy movie that came and went without much fuzz.

But five years later, when scripwriter Joss Wheddon was given the chance to create a new TV show, he undusted the original script of Buffy, which had been heavily rewritten, and felt it would be an excellent starting point for the new series.

The show's main character was played by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who previously had been known for her role on All My Children.