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05-Nov-2017 03:53

Odnean, who had grabbed her from behind, fell on top of her.Two other officers then ran over to assist the men. Hawkins is seen getting to his feet then sharply kicking in the direction of her head.As seen above (click each to enlarge), two surveillance images were released yesterday by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office showing the officer engaged in the daytime coupling.And, yes, that appears to be a Chihuahua (or another tiny dog) watching the action.She refused and the pair are seen talking about it at the side of his patrol car Two other officers then joined in and subdued the woman to handcuff her on the ground.

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WJW reports, Officer Michael D’Aresta of Connecticut’s Middletown Police Department recently had to put down his long-time K-9 partner, Hunter, who was suffering from rapidly progressing liver cancer.She now suing him for excessive force He carried a six-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan out of the theater and to an ambulance while her pregnant mother lay inside, paralyzed from the waist down. She retaliated, grabbing him by the head as another officer, Jordan Odnean, tried to intervene.