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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. VII BAREILLY to BERASIA NEW EDITION PUBLISHED UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF HIS MAJESTY'S SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDIA IN COUNCIL OXFORD AT THE CLARENDON PRESS 1908 OS i4o5 f'^ol HENRY FROWDE, M. PUBLISHER TO THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD LONDON, EDINBURGH NEW YORK AND TORONTO * • 3// •/ 6 INTRODUCTORY NOTES Notes on Transliteration Vozuel-Sounds a has the sound of a m * woman.' a has the sound of a in * father.' e has the vowel-sound in * grey.' i has the sound of / in * pin.' i has the sound of / in * police.' o has the sound of ^ in * bone.' u has the sound of « in * bull' u has the sound of « in * flute.' ai has the vowel-sound in * mine.' au has the vowel-sound in * house.' It should be stated that no attempt has been made to distinguish between the long and short sounds of e and o in the Dravidian languages, which possess the vowel-sounds in * bet ' and * hot ' in addition to those given above.

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Secondly, it should be remarked that aspirated consonants are common ; and, in particular, dh and th (except in Burma) never have the sound of th in * this ' or * thin,' but should be pronounced as in * woodhouse ' and * boathook.' iv INTRODUCTORY NOTES Burmese Words Burmese and some of the languages on the frontier of China have the following special sounds : — aw has the vowel-sound in * law.' o and ii are pronounced as in German, gy is pronounced almost like j in * jewel.' ky is pronounced almost like ch in * church.' th is pronounced in some cases as in * this,' in some cases as in * thin.' w after a consonant has the force of uul Thus, ywa and pwe are disyllables, pronounced as if written yuwa and puwe.4//., and then introduce a gold standard (though not necessarily a gold currency) at the rate of Rs. For the intermediate period, between 18, it is manifestly impossible to adopt any fixed sterling value for a constantly changing rupee. Another matter in connexion with the expression of money state- ments in terms of rupees requires to be explained.