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06-Nov-2017 12:01

Ms Ford said the police were notified of the abuse but then said they were not aware of the crime being reported and suggested officers should be give different guidelines in future.

And she said two Asian Tory activists campaigning in Ealing were were abused in person.

She said: 'During the break in campaigning which we had suspended as a sign of respect during the Manchester attack, I was accused on social media by a known activist from an opposing party of ignoring that break and going out campaigning on one of those days.'It was in fact the day that I had been at my husband's funeral.'She said the abuse quickly spread online and more abuse was hurled at her through social media.

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Bob Stewart, who served as an Army Colonel before he joined the Commons, said four of his sons have been 'hassled' at school because of his parliamentary career.She said: 'They are 11 and nine now, they've just got to the age where they understand what he [Mr Gove] does and they understand that people hate him because people will say things to them in the playground.'One of Beatrice's own teachers went on strike and then she said that she saw him on Newsround holding a banner going 'Michael Gove out' which I think is quite a strange experience for a small child – and I don't know how it's going to affect them at all.Newspaper columnist Sarah Vine pictured with her husband Michael Gove last year, has spoken out about the teasing their two children received in the playground when their dad was Education Secretary.Tory MP Pauline Latham accused him of backing the 'unauthorised Amanda Solloway' account and being part of the 'worst' campaign 'I have ever seen'.

Ms Latham, MP for Mid Derbyshire, said: 'Video statements were made by her opponent, the new member for Derby North, about the unfair link to her husband's business appeared on this Facebook page.'That would suggest he had direct involvement in the overall strategy of this page. 'She added: 'This was a targeted, personal and unfair campaign against our former colleague, in fact I would say it was bullying.'Many people could have been influenced by this vile abuse on social media.'She added: 'I hope the sensible wing of the Labour Party and not those extreme left-wingers, who are clearly just like Militant used to be, will win the day and stop this kind of personalised campaigning.' Vicky Ford, the Conservative MP for Chelmsford, told of a partially sighted candidate who was threatened with rape.

Ms Vine said at times she wanted to put her children on a plane to Italy to get them away form the abuse 'Part of me wants to put them on a plane to go and live with my mother in Italy, but part of me thinks it will make them tougher.'Other MPs also revealed the abuse they and their colleagues received during the recent election campaign.