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03-Nov-2017 13:57

It really is not the place of family doctors, to start monitoring people’s sexuality.‘We are at risk of becoming state apparatchiks, asking questions about patients’ sexuality, housing, whether they can cook, or do crochet!

When someone comes in for their precious eight minutes with me, I’m interested in what they want from the consultation.‘It isn’t relevant to ask an 87-year-old grandmother if she has ever had a relationship with another woman.

If patient is a dependent, patient’s name should be written in the MDR as dependent.

If dependent’s name is not in the MDR, submit proof of dependency (birth certificate or marriage certificate).

Collecting and analysing data on sexual orientation would be ‘evidence of compliance’ for health and social care providers, the document adds.

Dr Ian Banks, former president of the Men’s Health Forum, said in an ‘ideal world’ it would be good to have ‘big data’ about patients’ sexuality to improve health services.

Its instructions, published last week, say that ‘sexual orientation monitoring’ should take place ‘at every face-to-face contact with the patient, where no record of this data exists’.

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NOTE: Merong additional required documents for confinements abroad.

Some hospitals require you to update your MDR so that the dependent’s name is in the MDR.