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In 2014 it received his own spin-off comic book series.

The Funnies - Focuses on the comic adventures of Bubbly, an astronaut at space filled with aliens.

In 1999, a series of shorts with the characters debuted in children's programming of Rede Globo (which would display the regular series episodes only between the years 20).

A regular broadcast the series on TV only occurred in 2004 after negotiations with Cartoon Network that since this year began broadcasting new episodes exclusively on the channel, still remaining on the schedule together of channels Tooncast and Boomerang.

From 2007 on, Panini Comics was chosen to keep the publications.

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Other characters created by de Sousa include Chuck Billy 'n' Folks, Tina's Pals, Lionel's Kingdom and Bug-a-Booo.

Horacio's World - Focuses on the life of a young dinosaur philosopher, Horacio and his dinosaur friends.

The Tribe - Focuses on the everyday life of Tom-Tom, an amazonian Indian in the midst of a forest constantly threatened by white men.

Monica’s Gang and its related works are released in a number of different books.

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Firstly, they were published by Editora Abril, from 1970 to 1986, then Editora Globo, from 1987 to 2006.

Among the villains are Captain Fray, a supervillain with the power to control garbage and dirt, and Lord Big Rabbit, a space bunny whose first appearance was in the movies. Other related works which relate to the series are: Blu - Based on the first character of Monica's Gang it shows the character Blu as acting as a mere actor in a studio of comics.

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