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08-Dec-2017 10:11

The only equivalent experience I’ve felt is flying Air New Zealand to LA – they have the same boutique feel, which means you’re less harried, less stressed, and less fearful about the flight.

Newquay isn’t perfect – for starters, its newfound popularity means that the car parks are perilously close to full as the summer season starts (they’re adding 91 spaces imminently), and last week I had to queue for the (three) toilets for the first time in five years.

Last week, as I was making my way to Gatwick, it hit the local news.

Figures just released for the financial year showed a 50 per cent year-on-year boost in passengers; the first eight weeks of 2017 were up 37 per cent on 2016.

You check in, go through security, and sit at the gate. Equally, that means customers behave better, because there’s nowhere to get lost.

You rarely hear passengers being summoned over the tannoy at Newquay, because there’s no bar for them to be holed up at, changing room for them to be stuck in, or perfume section to be dazzled by.

And I'm not just talking about its location, perched on the top of the Cornish cliffs, which (not that I'm biased) makes for one of the most spectacular approaches in Europe.

Compare that with the two hours genuinely needed at Gatwick, and you have a winner.

Maybe it’s thanks to the £5 airport development fee which was charged on departing flights until last March, but the airy terminal with high ceilings (a fancy version of a giant barn), plenty of seating and a clear route through security to the gate mean it’s easy to get around.

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