Radiocarbon dating the pyramids

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The Egyptian Historical Chronologies (EHCs) are the timelines of Egyptian rulers, as constructed by historians throughout the centuries.

They have been compiled from ancient king-lists on papyri and stone, and been enhanced by archaeological evidence.

Last year we were the most active archaeological site with 500 volunteers and 45 professional archaeologists coming from several countries (Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Croatia, Malaysia etc.) - declared Dr. Over the past seven years we spent 340.000 working hours excavating the pyramids, and some 700 people from 42 countries/ six continents applied for positions as volunteers in 2011.

People from all over the world want to be part of the historical process of discovering the first European pyramids, which are also the largest in the world, said Dr.

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Whilst by no means complete, a historical framework can be constructed for the full length of ancient Egyptian civilization.These main outcomes are summarised in a paper in Science.A symposium on 'Radiocarbon Dating and Egyptian Chronology' was held at the Ashmolean Museum 17th-18th March 2010 with a public lecture in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in order to discuss the main outputs of the project.The samples were subjected to Accelerator Mass Spectrometry radiocarbon dating.

To ensure reliability, samples from more recent periods of Egyptian history, of precise known-age, were also dated.Improving the accuracy and reliability of the EHCs will help Egyptologists arrange essential historical and cultural information.

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