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21-Nov-2017 12:24

They’re all set in Chicago (where Swanberg lives); they’re all scenes from the middle class, involving a diverse array of people, some in business, some in the arts, family people with corporate jobs who are nearing the border of middle age, or rising young artists and artisans with or without day jobs.

Some are prosperous, some are just getting by, none are desperate—they’ve all achieved a baseline of sustenance.

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Swanberg is credited with writing and directing each episode, but the action and the dialogue have the swing of improvisations, a liveliness and spontaneity that points to an unusual degree of freedom given to the actors.

With art and love in the balance, time speeds up, in the seventh episode, for Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a thirty-two-year-old actress who’s in a play (with Kyle) and is up for a TV role that would require her to relocate to Los Angeles.