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Finally, dual-affiliated characters added to the existing character card rule of printed team affiliations by doubling them—a simple mechanic that adds significant diversity to deck construction and multi-team decks.

Altering the Existing Rules of the Game Examples here include “invulnerable” and “cosmic:” keywords which either overwrite or rewrite rules that already exist in the game.

Expanding the Functionality of an Existing Card Type Examples here include “boost,” “transferable,” and “dual-affiliated” characters.

These keywords enable a given card type by providing it with additional functionality beyond its original rules within the game engine.

With the boost mechanic, we wanted to provide a larger window of play opportunity for characters beyond their printed cost.

A boosted character could potentially have relevance much later in a game than a standard character.

Talia has a tortured look on her face—she has been repeatedly killed by Nyssa and revived via the Lazarus Pit. In the early history of the game, decks that contained Dr.

Doom, Diabolic Genius and Sabretooth, Feral Rage dominated the fourth turn, as they gave vastly superior returns. currently encompasses off-curve strategies that seek to maximize their advantages in other ways.

But since League of Assassins is first and foremost a curve deck (that is, a deck that seeks to put out one character using the full number of resource points available), we should look at when they are at their weakest.

It’s also important to note that late League drops are usually played because of their stats, while early drops tend to have more powerful effects. Join me next week, when we look into team themes and how to design cards from every direction.

Now that we are armed with this information, we need to decide which general direction we would like to take with our card. To vote, email [email protected] your name and UDE number (if you have one). Good gaming, TBS By Mike Hummel When we begin design on a new set, we spend a good deal of time reviewing what will eventually become its new mechanics or keywords.

This week, I am going to give you two elements to vote on: the resource cost and the card’s thematic direction. The reality of this process means that many of the mechanics proposed at the beginning of the design cycle never make it into the final set.

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